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The most important projects

SEPA Migration

SEPA is the acronym for Single EURO Payment Area and is aimed at aligned processing and agreed standards for EURO payments across the EU and all countries that opted in. Every single transaction within these countries shall be treated exactly like traditional domestic payments, forming a new understanding of the domestic zone. Additionally, all market participants will work with identical SEPA formats and procedures for transactions, debits and card payments.

The domestic transfers and direct debits will be replaced by SEPA as of February 2014 according to EU-Regulation 260/2012.

The regulation requires a clear bank account number "IBAN" and the Business Identifier Code "BIC".

Implementation of eps

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The eps e-payment standard is the secure interface, format and procedure for online payment systems (online banking) of Austrian banks. It provides irrevocable payments and has been adopted by various Internet shops as well as public authorities, e.g. E-government.

 Implementation of MBS

The Multi Bank Standard (MBS) for Electronic Banking was set up primarily for commercial bank customers who have account relationships at several Austrian banks. They were enabled to administer their accounts through a single local PC software that also allows both transmitting instructions and remittance data and receiving reports directly to / from their ERP system (import / export).

 Payment transactions forms

Standardised payment transaction forms were the reason for the foundation of STUZZA in 1991. Since then receipts for payment have been adapted to the current demands. The present receipt for payment is called "ZAHLUNGSANWEISUNG" and is used for Euro-payments in the Single Euro Payments Area.

Technical formats

Before the foundation of STUZZA, standardisations of unitary formats of data mediums existed. For the application of standardised procedures for all credit institutions, formats of data mediums are continuously adapted to requirements. In the meantime, EDIFACT was substituted by XML. The current format descriptions in XML are available in the Download area.

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